Maha Zyme Nutritional ORGANIC CERTIFIED

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Composition Total Solids (min) w/v 12.00% (Comprising of potassium Humate, amino acids derived from protein fractions and Vitamin B Complex) Aqua media (max.) v/v 88.00% Total 100.00%
Target As a nutritional premium growth stimulant and supplement for healthier crops and higher yields
Mode of Action Maha Zyme is a truly novel formula combining potassium humate with amino acids and nutrients to obtain optimum crop output. Nutrients are derived from organic matter which is rich in mineral and organic substances essential for plant growth.
How to Apply Mix the required quantity thoroughly in sufficient amount of water & spray / sprinkle on both the sides of the leaves / affected areas.
Shelf 3 years from the date of manufacture.
Antidote No specific antidote. Treat symptomatically.
Dosage 2 ml per litre of water



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